Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today happened to be my birthday, however life does not just stop for birthdays. Today also was an everyday ordinary, full of activity day. From the moment I stepped into the classroom at 7:30 AM, to the moment I took off my sneakers after my evening run at 10:30 PM, (with a lot of commotion in between) I was as busy as a fish peddler during Lent. Ha! ;)
Another year has come and gone and as I embrace my 26th year of life, I have decided to welcome some recent advice-live in the moment with the appreciation that everything happens for me, not to me.
I was so grateful for the gift of a respite today—for the 30 seconds or a minute or two minutes during which I had no obligations-to read and hear the kind words written in birthday cards, emails, texts and voicemails from friends and family members, to chat with the delightful people I have the privilege of spending each and every day with at work, and to be stopped by more children than I can count for a birthday hug.
Amongst a day filled with activity (work, evening class, evening meeting, dinner with friends, and homework) those small moments can so often get easily overlooked…we then are susceptible of becoming too busy to be a friend, too busy to talk to God, too busy to work out, too busy to work on a relationship, too busy to study, or too busy to stop to receive a hug from a loving child.
God has given me all that I have-my life, my love, my abilities and resources. Count my blessings!
So as I embark on my 26th year of life, I intend to be mindful of and savor such moments throughout my day. By quieting my spirit, taking deep breaths, and humbly asking for enlightenment, I hope to expand, grow, even transform into the ideal self that God has intended me to be and add value to the lives of people around me using my own special talents.

So here’s to waking up tomorrow, just like I did today…feeling happy, glad to start another day and perhaps hour by hour I can continue to discover some new blessings that are headed my way. Thank you to everyone who contributed in one of the most rewarding birthdays yet.
Birthday Cake from my dad with the following card: "To hell with yogurt! Nuts to beans! Tofu sucks and so do greens. It's time to take a well-earned break...screw the carbs and hit the cake."

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