Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work...ROYALS!

Nothing beats sitting in your favorite ballpark, watching your favorite team on a hot, sunny day, with a warm pretzel in one hand (says the non-meat eater…others may contest that pretzel should be replaced with hotdog…start your own blog then…ha) and an ice cold beer in the other. Baseball is in every way perfect; there are no flaws in the sport.

As I sit here, blogging and watching a nail-biter, third game in the series, bottom of the 12th, 4 to 3, Royals game against the A's on television, the anticipation is building. I eagerly await the joy that is America’s beloved past time and the Kansas City Royals Home Opener.  
At the end of Spring Training and the start of the regular season, some believe that the stars have aligned, the pieces are in place, and even despite early injuries the Royals are destined for a decent season…heck Vegas even moved the over/under on season wins for the Kansas City Royals up from 78 1/2 to 80 1/2 games.
As a recent article in the Kansas City Star states, ‘the goals are changing, along with the expectations. There is an air of confidence that’s been missing for years.’

The Royals have been in rebuilding mode since 1990. It’s no exaggeration to refer to the 2012 Royals as an extremely young and talented group. With just five players (Chen, Pena, Quintero, Betancourt, and Bourgeois) on the 25-man roster at least 30 years old, the Royals have assembled a strong core of young major league caliber players and highly ranked prospects.

With one of the youngest line-ups in the majors, I find it very refreshing to read articles that illustrate both the caliber and character of the guys on the team. Their knack for congeniality that reaches beyond the confines of Kauffman Stadium and even Kansas City Royals fans is refreshing.   

Like Aristotle says, ‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.’ Below are two articles that highlight the kind-hearted, fun-loving, and energizing personality of one ‘veteran’ player (at the ripe old age of 28), Jeff Francoeur. Perfection may be right around the corner, because it’s obvious our young team is finding pleasure in playing the game.  
Who's the pizza delivery guy? It's Jeff Francoeur

Outfield assist of another kind

Watch out Tigers…this is OUR TIME! ;)

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